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Spottswood CDC welcomes the opportunity to work with Louisiana residents that are military veterans, unemployed, underemployed, minority, low-income, women and other disadvantaged Louisiana business owners that are not able to obtain loans from traditional lenders.


If the business owner demonstrates a commitment to start or grow a small business and is committed to good management techniques, Spottswood CDC can provide your micro enterprise with a low-interest loan it needs to grow.

Click HERE to apply for your small business micro-loan.


Spottswood CDC has partnered with several Louisiana-based used vehicle dealerships to offer low-interest down payment assistance for individuals whom are low-income, veterans, women, minorities or other disadvantaged individuals.  

Click HERE to apply for your vehicle down payment loan.


Enjoy the flexibility and freedom without breaking the bank.


Our personal loans include the following:

  • Low, competitive rates

  • Unsecured or secured

  • Fast, secure online application

Click HERE to apply for your personal loan.


Spottswood Community Development Corporation (SCDC) is a not-for-profit Community Development Corporation.  SCDC’s mission is to enrich the lives of Americans by providing quality community development and economic development initiatives.  This mission is grounded in the belief that individuals, neighborhoods, businesses and communities that are better-informed, are better able to:

  • Take control of their circumstances;

  • Improve their quality of life; and

  • Ensure a stable future for themselves and their families


SCDC offers many quality initiatives to individuals, communities and businesses including (1) Affordable Housing Initiative, (2) Louisiana Small Business Initiative, (3) Micro-lending, (4) Financial Literacy Initiative, and (5) Neighborhood Revitalization.


Since 2012, SCDC’s primary initiative has been its Louisiana Small Business Initiative (LASBI).  The mission of the LASBI initiative is to help Small, Emerging and Disadvantaged Businesses succeed by providing quality technical assistance services, business solutions and other Initiatives.  To fulfill this mission, the LASBI initiative operates multifaceted sub-initiatives with four overarching principals:

  • Serve as a small business advocate;

  • Develop strategies to bring about economic and social transformation;

  • Deliver resources for disadvantaged business owners, businesses and communities; and

Equip entrepreneurs to succeed in the 21st century.


2601 N. Hullen Street, Suite 103-b

Metairie, LA 70002

Tel: 504-267-1404

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